Mission Statement  

A Singapore Exchange-listed company, firmly established in the environmentally-friendly business supply of LPG. As a supplier capable of international deliveries, we devote ourselves to providing our customers with only the best.

Core Values

Outstanding quality, Dedicated service

Our Blueprint for Success

1. Our Beliefs
We believe in being safe and environmentally friendly, as well as building sincerity and trust

2. Our Vision
To establish an internationally renowned enterprise and build an integrated energy brand

3. Mission Statement
To honour our obligations to our investors, to lead the way forward for the industry, and to share our success with society.

4. Entrepreneurial Spirit
We are unwavering, cooperative, responsible and innovative.

5. Management Principles
These are founded on the fundamentals of 4S: Spread, Syncretize, Share, and Service

6. Our Service Motto (BLUE)

B - for Bright, the way we stay flexible and adaptive to our customer needs,

L - for Labor-saving, the cornerstone of efficiency

U - for Ultra pure, the impeccable quality of our product

E - for Expedi ently, so our customers always enjoy maximum convenience

Ouhua  Energy, Blue Power